Spring makes way for Summer!

Paintings at LAA Spring Show

Dreams of the Fruits of Summer

The Spring Show this year has been a great success on many fronts. New art, guest artists – new friends, new members! Oh, and lots of sales – thank you to patrons both new and old. Your support of the arts and your local artists is greatly appreciated.

Baskets by Donna Monville

Beautifully hand crafted baskets

Paintings, mosaic art, jewelry and baskets are now enriching the lives of lucky patrons all around Michigan and beyond! Original art for original people.

Paintings at LAA Spring Show

Think outside the frame!

A big thank you to all our artists – Guests and Members for making the Spring Show such a wonderful event. Don’t forget our special artist Pizza, Pop and Pick-up event this Saturday just for you. Looking forward to meeting you all again.

table by mosaic artist Jacki Beauvais

Stunning table – tea party, cocktails anyone?

Why settle for mundane when you can have beautiful and functional? At Gallery 194 you will find art for more than your walls. Tired of big box “artwork” mass produced and seen everywhere? LAA has more to offer.

Eagle is this photographer's subject

Make a statement

Whatever your taste in art, at Gallery 194 you will find original pieces by Michigan artists at a reasonable price. New exhibits open every few weeks.

Paintings by Carolyn Masnari

A wall filled with light and colour

So as the Spring Show closes we look forward to what Summer brings. Here at the LAA that means a new exhibit opening July 7 – “The Sound of Color”.

Like what you see here? Then you still have a little time until Saturday June 27 to catch the Spring Show before it closes.

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Artists Meet-Up for Collaborative Project

Andrea and Kate

Andrea and Kate break out the coloured pencils!

Joann, Renee and Mike

Busy hands – happy artists!


At the LAA June Meet-Up fellow artists got together to work on a collaborative art project.

The idea was for each artist to recreate a square cut from a larger painting. Twenty pieces in all were cut from a print of the chosen subject.



The pieces were to be created on illustration board using whatever medium the artist was happy using or had to hand.



Palette, Paint and Brush




Coloured pencils and pastel pencils were used by some. Others couldn’t resist picking up the brush.








One member getting creative with paper and scissors soon had a collage going for her square.





At the end of the evening most of the squares were completed, just a few to finish at home. When all the pieces of the “puzzle” are finished and collected, they will be assembled and mounted on board to recreate the original piece in our own inimitable style!

Almost finished

Almost finished!

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Juror Awards presented at Spring Show


Mountain Falls by Mary Beth Shiros

Mountain Falls by Mary Beth Shiros

The cavalcade of fine art continues as we look at the four remaining artists presented with Juror Awards for excellence at the LAA Spring Show. Above we have guest artist Mary Beth Shiro’s winning mixed media entry “Mountain Falls”. Just one of the beautiful landscapes by Mary Beth showing in Gallery 194 right now.

juror award winner Mike Monville

Barn Owl by Mike Monville

Member artist Mike Monville poses with his winning entry “Barn Owl”, a beautiful framed water colour. As you can see Mike paints on many surfaces such as the tiles here, capturing nature in all its glory.

juror award winner Marilyn Biefer

Funky Pears by Marilyn Biefer

Guest artist Marilyn Biefer won a Juror Award for her acrylic painting “Funky Pears”. A must see along with other abstract works by Marilyn.

juror award winning photo by Renee Badertscher

Stone and Surf on Superior by Renee Badertscher

A Juror Award was presented to member artist Renee Badertscher for her photographic entry “Stone and Surf on Superior”. Renee takes fabulous photos of the natural world, close up and macro too. Visit Gallery 194 to view before the show ends.

As stated in my previous post the Juror Awards were presented for excellence in art in no particular order. Each piece chosen deserving of recognition alongside the Best in Show. All the artwork is of a high standard, deserving of appreciation with or without a ribbon!

The Spring Show is running until June 27 so there is still time to view. All the artwork is original and available for purchase at the gallery Tuesday through Saturday, 11am – 6pm.

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