Artists go Wild! All in Black and White

fiber art - fuzzy skunk

Fuzzy Skunk in Gallery – clothes peg provided!

Wild creatures roam Gallery 194 at the annual Black & White Exhibit! But don’t be alarmed – realistic but they are the cutest, fuzziest critters you’ll find in Michigan. Beautifully crafted fiber art animals, pets too, are all waiting to be adopted into their new homes. Don’t require exercise or special diets. Be warned they do like the spotlight and expect to be displayed prominently and given their due attention!

black and white photos

Timeless landscapes

Black and white film is the perfect medium to capture the feel and nostalgia of rural landscapes. Step back in time to remembered places and childhood passed.

black and white paintings

Abstract landscapes

Or maybe your taste is more for the abstract painting. Whatever your landscape or your preference in art, you will be spoiled for choice at Gallery 194. Come visit the LAA artists and discover a world without colour but no lack of imagination!

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How to Paint in Black and White!

Denise Scripter shows how to paint in black and white

Denise demonstrating how just a touch of paint changes everything

On a bleak January night former member Denise Scripter did our members the honour of demonstrating the art of painting in black and white. Our January Meet-Up turned into a very interesting evening discussing black and white painting as a form of art in its own right and as a tool for determining value.

Members queue to add their touch

Members queue to add their touch

The LAA hold a Black & White exhibit annually and Denise offered to share her take on monochrome painting with members. An excellent idea that could encourage artists that usually paint in colour only to perhaps try out their ideas for the Black & White show.

Members watch black and white painting demonstration

A study in Black and White!

Members enjoyed watching Denise paint and show how variation in value using only black and white described a landscape, real or abstract, as well as one could with colour.

Linda Luas adds to the composition

Where and what is the emphasis?

A big “Thank You” was expressed by members to Denise for her informative and enjoyable talk and “hands on” demonstration. We hope she can join us again as a guest at one of the upcoming Meet-Ups.

This month we have an art film night organised for members. Later in the year we have a forum on marketing your art – on and off line; a collaborative art project; painting en plein air picnic and Halloween/Fall art night planned to mention just a few.

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It’s Here in Black and White!

Black and White Art Show

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