Autumn Palette LAA Art Exhibit

Autumn Palette the LAA Fall Art Exhibit

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Last Look Through the Glass

Photography by Dean Elkins

Reflections on a theme

Visit Gallery 194 for the last days of the LAA Through the Looking Glass exhibit. be sure to see Dean Elkin’s photographic work on the automobile. Not through the windscreen here but a myriad of reflections on your favourite car.

Fairy by Marilyn Willingham

Gossamer winged through the looking glass

Through the Looking Glass, not Alice, but a fairy world awaits. This stained glass piece by Marilyn Willingham is sure to fulfill your dreams of magic and colour.

Artwork by Sharon Samyn

Through window or lens captured by brush!

Artwork by Sharon Samyn capturing flora and fauna from her garden. Treasured pets painted from photo and life. Portraits of our best friends.

Pastoral painted window by Kathy Cassell

Step through the glass into a calm space

The reclaimed window painted by Kathy Cassell invites you to step into a pastoral scene and away from the rush and pressures of the world. Step through and feel the breeze, hear the water running through the meadow, relax.

Like some of what you see? Visit Gallery 194 and be astounded by the wealth of fine art by Michigan artists right on your doorstep. No passport required to visit LAA world!

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Through the Telescope? Art?

Painting and telescope by Dan Daugherty

Look to the heavens

Metal sculptor Dan Daugherty has fashioned a working telescope from metal and lens. Just in case the view is obscured by clouds he has also painted and framed a planet from his imagination for you to view. Take a peek through the lens to anothe rworld.

Masks by Caren Huizenga

Faces through the Looking Glass?

Mother Earth is fragile. Artist Caren Huizenga takes clay from the earth and shapes her own world. Who do you see looking back at you?

Owl by Marilyn Willingham

Look through the tree branches an owl looking at you

Stained Glass owl by Marilyn Willingham. A beautiful Snowy Owl perched on a branch radiates the light in beautiful colours. These owls get everywhere!

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