Community Artists

Hand crafted baskets and painted tiles

Preserving Community Earth

From beautiful paintings of wild birds on tiles to handcrafted baskets you will find diverse subjects and media by this community of artists. Remember when we all shopped with our own bags and baskets? Before plastic grocery bags polluted seas and country?

Make a stylish statement for Community Earth and support local artisans keeping traditional crafts relevant. Treasure your “everyday” accessories and conserve.

Painted wine bottles

Nature bottled!

Some of our artists like to recycle and preserve at another level. Hand painted birds adorn these wine bottles re-purposed as stylish vases.

Painted Gourds

Working with Nature can produce beautiful Art

The humble gourd elevated to high art status by carving, painting and of course imagination and artist skills. Beautiful painted gourds for decorating your home.

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Community Spirit Art Show

Recycled LP records decorated with a patriotic theme

Spirit of a nation

The Community Spirit art show is open now in Gallery 194, downtown Lapeer in the Upper Gallery. The show runs alongside the Smithsonian sports exhibit on hometown teams in the Lower Gallery.

Sports themed artwork

All about the team!

Some of our artists are really into the sports team theme! Community Spirit can hold a world of meaning for every person. Community could be a community of artists, your home town, your family and friends or your country.

porcelain tea set

Anyone for tea?

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Community Spirit

community spirit art show

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