What’s Your Theme?

Do you have a theme that you follow? A particular colour or a whole room devoted to a particular look? Maybe you are mad about sports, animals, the countryside or music. At the LAA art show at Gallery 194 each artist has a particular theme to their body of work.

Paintings and lamps at 'What's your Theme?' Art Show

Beautiful Trees adorn canvas and floor lamp

If you love nature and your taste is whimsical or tropical you will be sure to find art to suit.

Paintings at 'What's your Theme?' Art Show

Tropical Colours

Looking  for a super hero? Well now you can take one home with you. Contemporary mosaic super heroes to decorate your own fantasy theme room:

Contemporary Mosaics at 'What's your Theme?' Art Show

Choose your own personal superhero

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2 Responses to What’s Your Theme?

  1. Fancymom says:

    Great to see things that are not “cookie cutter”. I love the bold colors.

  2. Kathy says:

    Thank you. The LAA artists certainly are originals – as is their work! (smile)

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