Welcome Spring into your Home

art for your home

Warm up the fireplace!

Into a bit of spring cleaning? Looking at an empty grate? Make a feature of your fireplace with original artwork that will keep it glowing long after the winter flames have dimmed.

mosaic artwork

Mosaics celebrating growth and colour!

Perhaps you would like some contemporary mosaic art to  brighten your home?

Paintings of Irises

Spring Flowers!

Time to welcome spring in all its colourful and bountiful aspects with flowers that never fade. Fine art in abundance by members of the Lapeer Art Association.

Painted glass artwork

Looking through the window

Beautiful collages that tell a story to decorate your walls. Hand painted glass to ensure whatever the view from your window – it is always spring! Visit Gallery  194 and the artists of LAA to see their spring art exhibit and put some spring in your life.


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