2016 Season

Lapeer Art Association 2015 Shows

Jan.6. – Feb. 6Let’s Celebrate – Celebrating what makes us do art, our favourite subjects and media. Come celebrate LAA showing out of Gallery 194 for 10 years!

Feb. 13 – Mar. 19 –  Black & White – Our classic monochrome show where all the art is rendered only in black and white. All media and frames of pictures can only be in black and white.

Mar.26 – Apr. 23Narrative Show – Artwork that tells a story. Poetry, illustrated text.

Apr.26 – Jun. 4 Spring Show – An all gallery, all media show. Open to non-members with an opening and closing Artist reception. Prize for best in show and ribbons will be awarded by independent judges.

Jun. 11 – Jul. 30Community – What is community? Local sports, sports’ heroes. Heroes in the community, including the four-legged kind. Communities in the wider world, national and international.

Aug. 6 – Sep. 17Re-Imagined – Art of the recycled and the imaginary. Repurposed, assemblage art, fantasy, fantasy history,mechanical, recycled.

Sep. 24 – Nov. 5Cornucopia – Think bountiful harvest, autumn colours, autumn food.  Come immerse yourself in Earth’s bounty at Gallery 194.

Nov. 8– Dec. 21 Merry & Bright – LAA’s second all gallery show of the year and our biggest show in which LAA art is exhibited throughout Gallery 194. A special Artist Reception opens the show, free and open to the public. Guest artists from the local community will display alongside LAA members.

This year LAA are opening their Winter show to non-members. Visit our Events page for more information at the LAA website www.lapeerart.org