Year’s End – New Beginnings

Close up of Mixed Media Artwork

Close up of Mixed Media Artwork

At the year’s end many of us see this as a time for reflection and assessment of the past year in terms of accomplishments, events, progress –  or not, of our goals and ambitions. Looking to starting another year afresh and new beginnings.

In many if not all cultures, mankind tends to live by the turn of the calendar page. Much of this ties in with the seasons, the cycle of harvest, death and looking to the rebirth of nature as spring approaches; hopes of good harvest and survival.

As we approach the year’s end here at LAA and all the paintings, sculptures and seasonal decorations are taken down leaving bare gallery walls we are left with a clean slate to start again in the new year 2014.

We too took the closing of the month as a time for reflection – on our creative role in the community, where we would travel along that creative path next year and who would accompany us on the journey.

Painted Window Detail

Painted Window Detail

The LAA as a group has been in existence for over thirty years. In that time changing location from Daley Road to Gallery 194 to be closer to the heart of the Lapeer community. The LAA is your community for artists emerging and established, for all the community to become involved in the arts.

This coming year the LAA has many ideas to reach out to other artist communities, the launching of our new website and blog. Lots of opportunities for you to get to know our artists. For LAA to recruit new members to ensure a dynamic community group.

Our spring exhibit this year will be open to all artists not just LAA members. The show will be launched with a free reception open to the public. A prize will be awarded to the best in show as determined by independent jurors.

So, a very happy New Year to all our readers and here is to ‘New Beginnings’ in 2014. We hope you will join us walking the creative path. If you have ideas where LAA can bring art into and share with your community please speak up!

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3 Responses to Year’s End – New Beginnings

  1. Andrea says:

    2014 will be an adventurous year for LAA! I am looking forward to the New Year and new art!

  2. Sharon Lee Samyn says:

    Looking to a great New Year with new art ideas for Lapeer Art Association! Happy New year to all at LAA! 2014 is going to be an adventure to behold!

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