Lapeer – Art Town

James Alt, Director of Gallery 194 in Downtown Lapeer and artist member of Lapeer Art Association, has put together a video about his home town – Lapeer.

Through the arts and through partnerships with the DDA, the DBA, and by working together with the community the Arts and Culture is flourishing in Lapeer. Gallery 194 and the historic Pix Theater are at the hub of this artistic and cultural movement.

There are many exciting things planned for 2014 and beyond. From the DIA Inside Out program to Art on Nepessing to the LAA Open Show where you, non-member artists, are invited to participate in our annual spring show.

Enjoy the video looking back at how the arts has brought the community together and the exciting events planned for 2014 in this home town:


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1 Response to Lapeer – Art Town

  1. Sharon Lee Samyn says:

    A great video!!!

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