Winter Rainbow over Michigan

Winter Rainbow show colorful paintings

Come sail away to a land of colour

Just a few days left to join the LAA Winter Rainbow tour at Gallery 194. A journey on a Rainbow of riotous colour and expression by your local Michigan artists.

Acrylic painting by Sharon Samyn

Dream your own reality

Are there fairies at the bottom of your garden? Or had they all flown south for the winter?

Art by Marianna Fiedor

Dreaming of Spring

Landscapes of colour and beauty, movement, texture and hints of Spring around the corner. About time we are all thinking here in Michigan. We still have snow!

Art Photography at LAA show

Long days and nights by the Lake – soon!

Beautiful views by the Lake captured through the lens by LAA artist Todd Bielby. Dreams of long summer days and relaxing outdoors on warm summer evenings as the sun goes down. No jacket required dress informally!

Shadows in the snow painting by Kathy Cassell

The sun playing shadows in the snow

Here’s to the beautiful snowy winter in Michigan. Full of snowmen, Christmas trees, skiing, sledding and skating adventures. To friends and warm drinks snug around the fire. A winter wonderland of children’s dreams. Enough already! Bring on Spring.

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