Small Art with a Big Impact

Dan Daugherty Tree House Sculpture

Come play!

Who said “the best things come in small packages”? Well certainly a lot of beautiful art  on a small scale at Gallery 194 affirms that quote! Small art making a big statement.

Cat portraits by Kathy Cassell

Artist Cat Portraits – mini pictures equal big smiles!

From a metal sculpture of a child’s world captured for your table top to mini cat portraits in the style of Monet to Rousseau bringing the concept of play and delight to you.

Ceramics by Caren Huizenga

Hedgerow and garden captured in ceramics

Celtic animals captured on wood their story told, a walk along country lanes and through woodland  preserved by the hand of the potter.

Mosaic art by Marilyn Willingham

Houses for the birds – birds for your path!

Many artists – every media. Beautiful mosaic art for your home and garden. Decorative birdhouses and birds to decorate your garden path.

Step along to Gallery 194 to find art that will bring the summer into your home. Hurry you only have until this weekend to capture your own “Wee Treasures”.

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2 Responses to Small Art with a Big Impact

  1. Renee Badertscher says:

    Kathy, Nice job as always at making us look our best. Thank you. Renee

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