Imagine That! Abstract Art in Downtown Lapeer

Metal Sculpture

A rose by any other name? Found under the bonnet not on it. That’s under the hood to Michiganders, excuse my Britishness!.

Abstract art in every sense of the word at the LAA Imagine That Exhibition. Abstract Art – a visual representation of shape, form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. Sculptor Dan Daugherty has wrought new life from push rods and cam followers. Visit Gallery 194 to see just how imaginative an artist can be with metal.


Acrylic Abstract Painting

A detail of a Braunsteiner. Want to see more? Visit Gallery 194

A whole wall of Gallery 194 is just exploding with colour and movement by Michigan artist and LAA member Bert Braunsteiner. Large and small works for your mansion or cottage.

Mosaic Art

Stained glass and mosaic taken to another level

Glass an amorphous non-crystalline solid made from silica that can exist as a crystalline substance. Thinking window panes? Think again. Think mosaic art for your walls. Think Kaleidoscopic colours, swirls and shapes to stir the imagination by LAA member Marilyn Willingham, Michigan mosaic artist.


Designer Jewelry

Designs going in Circles

Want to make a personal statement? Then try some original designer jewelry by LAA artist Judy Sweet. Metal and colourful beads to make that statement!

Photographic Art

The Car’s the Star

Full circle to the automobile. Hardly surprising – there is a lot to inspire in the auto capital of the USA. Michigan artists love their cars too. Photographic art by LAA artist Dean Elkins celebrating all that chrome and auto pizazz!

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