Classic Black and White Exhibit

Classic Still Life Art

Classic Still Life Art

Sometimes we need some quiet in our lives. The contemplation of classic art in a quiet place. Strong images of everyday objects exalted to a higher level. Whether symbolic in meaning or a celebration of shape and form, still life remains as popular today as with the old masters and those new revolutionary in their day impressionists.

fiber rabbit

Shhhh! don’t frighten the rabbits!

Softly, softly don’t disturb the wildlife. Fiber art animals in the Black and White Exhibit with such detail and form you will expect to startle them on approach.

Classic hand made fashion

That little black item – or white – fashion essential

The other type of fuzzy! Hand crafted hats and scarves for that finishing touch to your spring outfit. Classic and classy little black – or white – numbers.

black and white art photos

Black and White Photography

Black and white photography capturing the world in all its detail. A clean and defined look for you to enjoy. There is still time to catch the classic LAA black and white exhibit. Visit Gallery 194 in downtown Lapeer and see what local Michigan artists create when they don’t dream in colour.

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