As Fall Fades – Capture the Glow

stained glass flower by Marilyn Willingham

Autumn captured

The colours of Fall captured in a ring. Stained glass art that glows with light when hung in a window. Equally beautiful when lit by lamps or the glow from the hearth.

Figurative art by Linda Lucas

Quiet repose

Figurative art beautifully framed, capturing a woman in repose, holding a moment.

Trees, painted by Jacquie Piechowski

Take a walk through the woods

As Fall passes and the trees give up their mantle of gold and brown, the sun as it sinks in the west hints at Nature’s bounty of leaves, before gold is replaced by silver frosts.


Wood, wire and Nature’s bounty

What to wear with those warm, winter sweaters. Designer jewelry hand crafted and original to complete that special ensemble.

photo of leaf with frost by Renee Badertscher

Autumn fades

The last remnants of Autumn as the frosts creep in; silver for gold. There is still time to capture a little of that Autumn glow to take home with you. Visit Gallery 194 before  Halloween arrives and the Autumn Palette is put away for another year.

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2 Responses to As Fall Fades – Capture the Glow

  1. Renee Badertscher says:

    Nicely done, Kathy! Your commentary was especially graceful.


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