It isn’t Just Black and White


Artwork by Andrea Fahim

Limited in colour but not limited by design, medium or creativity. The Black & White Exhibit by the LAA artists is rich in texture and expression.

From the stunning paper cut art of Andrea Fahim’s designs to the sensitive rendering of a little girl and her puppy in pencil by Kathy Sanday, black and white has a lot to say.


Pencil drawing by Kathy Sanday

Once again LAA proves Fine Art is available and thriving in your local gallery. Gallery 194 is open to the public five days a week, 12-6pm and it is free to view. There is always a volunteer resident artist to welcome you and answer any queries about the exhibits or art in general. We’re a friendly group!


Painted porcelain by Joyce Stryker

Artist Joyce Stryker shows just what can be done with porcelain when she picks up the brush! Not just cups and plates, though she paints those too, see them on display now.

Painted porcelain by Joyce Stryker

Kinetic steel sculpture by Dan Daugherty

Three dimensional more your kind of art? Then don’t miss the work of Dan Daugherty who has steel and paint express his take on atmospherics, fire and lady luck. Just try and resist setting these dice in motion. They might not roll but they will rock -pun intended.

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