Fall’s Colours


Whirling Leaves

Fall is here once again in all its glorious colours. If you call in at Gallery 194 in downtown Lapeer you can see some of those captured by the LAA artists.

A walk in the woods

A walk in the woods

Captured on canvas all the atmosphere of winter’s approach by one artist. A quiet path that takes you on a walk in the woods as the sun sinks behind the trees.

bluebird painting

I see you!

An all year round visitor in this part of SE Michigan is the Bluebird. Just a little further north and they will only be seen during the summer and have already moved south. Wherever you live one can enjoy Bluebirds all year round with this beautiful painting.

painted animal boxes-painted leaf boxes

Squirrels amongst the leaves!

Some hand painted boxes with autumnal leaves and busy squirrels are on display in Gallery 194. Don’t miss this Fall show – less than two weeks to catch some colour!

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