A Cornucopia of Fine Art


Harvest Time

It’s that time of year when the final harvest is brought home and people are busy in the kitchen preserving the fruits of their labours so to speak, as the produce from kitchen gardens and farms are gathered in.

So too for the wildlife as beautifully portrayed in this painting of birds feasting on berries. The painting is on porcelain and can be seen in Gallery 194 until the close of October.


Fall Colours

In this canvas the artist has left you to fill in the blanks and suggested the colours.


Grandpa’s Point

A picture that beckons you in. Grandpa and his grand child enjoying a sunny day at a favourite spot on the lake. A day for hats and gloves, watching the leaves swirl to the ground, walking through the woods collecting seeds with the squirrels.


Seasonal Dishes

Ceramic art that is beautiful and functional by a LAA artist. Seasonal tableware ready to welcome guests to your table and celebrate Thanksgiving.

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Welcome Autumn

Cornucopia LAA art show

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photo art

Automobile Revolution

From classic automobile parts photographed by an artist and re-imagined t0 represent the revolutionary nature of engines and wheels to porcelain that you won’t find in the china cabinet …..

porcelain lady

Painted Lady

To fiber art that will make you think about stitching, form and colour …

fiber art

In Stitches

There is still time to check out and re-imagine just what art is to you in Gallery 194.

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