Basket Making Class – Sign up Now!


LAA member Sue Griggs will be teaching a Basket Making Class at the gallery as part of the Imagination Uncorked series on Thursday December 11, 6pm. Call Gallery 194 on the number below and reserve your place now!

Imagination Uncorked


Turn your bell into an angel with a few accessories and imagination!


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Holidays – Holi-Dazzle!

Colorful paintings at Holi-Dazzle show

Dazzling Colour!

Feeling a bit chilly now the Michigan winter has arrived? Well the LAA artists have turned up the heat in Gallery 194. We have wonderful, warm paintings to bring dazzling colour to your home. Talented artist Bert Braubnsteiner not only paints landscapes, he hand crafts walking sticks to help you on your way exploring the great outdoors.

Painted frog tile

Psssst! Heard about the show going on in Gallery 194?

Beautiful wildlife captured on tiles by artist Mike Monville for display as a talking point on your table or to hang on your wall.

Abstract Art

Landscapes of the Mind

Abstract art or mixed media more to your taste? Explore the psyche with artist Marianna Fiedor as she takes you on a mixed media journey.

Mosaic ice skating boot

Time to break the ice skates out!

In the mood for some winter pursuits? Mark the winter season with a fabulous mosaic piece by Jacki Beauvais that epitomises the Great Lakes winter pastime.

South Western Box

Dreams of the South West

Too much talk of ice and snow? When the Michigan winter gets a tad too long then dream of warmer days with this painted South Western Box by Jacquie Piechowski.

If they were out to Holi-Dazzle you then the LAA artists have succeeded. The fine art and hand crafted goods in their Holiday show span every mood, media and design imagined. If you are looking to add to your art collection, or find that original gift for a very special someone, you will not be disappointed at Gallery 194. Happy Holidays!

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Beautiful Hand Made Gifts and Decorations

Stained glass snow people

Guess where the snow people hang out?

The snow people are on their way to Gallery 194 and the super dazzling Holi-Dazzle art show put on by the LAA. Don’t buy mass produced “tat” from the big box stores when you can find original hand crafted decorations and art for your holiday gifts.

Stained glass hand crafted starstar

Follow the Star!

Don’t follow the masses – be original and give the gift that will become a family heirloom. Beautiful stained glass decorations and hand knitted goods to keep you warm are just some of the wonderful and original items in this Holi-Dazzling show.

Hand knitted and designed hats

Look as cute as this reindeer in one of these hand crafted hats.

Support your local artists and spread good cheer this season. Watch this space for more updates on the show and our Gala Artist Reception December 6, where you can join us to celebrate the Winter Solstice in style!

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